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CSBG Application Process

Need help with your CSBG application?
Here are some excellent resources and tools for prospective and current Tribal grantees.


CSBG Application Deadline:

CSBG Application deadline is September 1st. Please remember to plan ahead by accessing the available resources below. If you have missed the deadline please follow these special instructions.

Special instructions for late submission:

1. Email CSBG Tribal Program Specialist, Sara Lee at sara.lee@acf.hhs.gov to notify OCS that you are in the process of submitting your FY18 application materials. 

2. Notify the State CSBG Administrator in your state that your Tribe or Tribal Organization is submitting your CSBG Tribal Plan past the September 1 deadline and need a Letter of State Concurrence regarding late submission. (In accordance with CSBG Action Transmittal 2017-04: Application for FY 2018 Funds for Tribes and Tribal Organizations which states that “After the September 1 deadline, Tribal applications will be accepted only with concurrence from the State (or States) in which the Tribal or Tribal Organization is located.“) Here is a Sample Letter of State Concurrence (in fillable PDF format.)

Note: Tribes and Tribal Organizations beginning the 2nd year of a 2-year plan cycle are not required to obtain the state concurrence letter, but must submit their updated SF-424M and narrative FY17 Annual Report immediately.

3. Upload updated SF-424M and complete FY18 CSBG Tribal Plan and application materials, including a narrative FY17 Annual Report, via the OLDC System as soon as possible.

CSBG Training Hub:

The CSBG Training Hub offers access to interactive CSBG training modules for current and prospective Tribal Grantees. Training modules include the How to Apply Webinar Series for Tribes & Tribal Organizations and downloadable resources

Additional CSBG Application Resources

CSBG & Public Law 102-477